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Tabla Lesson 7

by Ashwin Batish

Tabla Bols

Played on the chanti as explained in the previous lesson. A.k.a. Naa or Daa

Played on the Maidaan

Played on the syaahi usually in conjunction with Ta. Combination of TiTa.

Played on syaahi in usually in conjunction with Ti. See above.

Played on syaahi. Cup the whole hand together and strike with all fingers on the syaahi.

Played with ring finger on the maidaan

A.k.a. Din. This bol is similar to Thun. But whereas Thun is an open strike, Ne is a softer, closed sound.

With all fingers together, strike the middle of the shaayi hard.

Strike with your index finger on the edge of the syaahi right next to the Tin striking area.

Played on syaahi with the index finger immediately followed by the middle. This is a flam shot.

Played with the flat of your hand the palm fully in contact with the syaahi

Dagga Bols

Played on the Daggaa with theindex or the middle finger A.k.a. Ga

Played when the whole hand strikes flat on the daggaa

Same as Ka but hit harder.

Simultaneously struck bols






Well.... this is almost the full set of tabla bols. There are variations of these same bols that you might come across in your study. Different teachers from different regions of India have a tendency to teach these same bols but with their accent added to them. Hence, if you are learning to write and find the bols shown are different in spelling then that's the mis-match. That is something you'll have to work around. Great tabla teachers are all around India. My style is from Delhi and Panjab but some of you might have or will study with teachers from Bengal, Gujarat, UP, etc. Be ready for dialect differences. There might also be variations due to some Gharanas specializing in certain bols that are typical of their playing style.

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