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Editor's Note

Dear Folks,

Wow! How fast time flys! It seems like just yesterday when I had finished writing an editorial, and here we are again. Things got a bit hectic these past few months. My computer broke down so we lost all the new articles data :(

But the good news is that it gave me an opportunity to re-think my goals and strategy for our web presence. So, if you haven't heard already, www.batish.com is now a reality! That's right, we have our own server! Quick open a bottle of chai or something :)

The downside of this move is that now we have some expenses to pay. I'll try and address this as time progresses but your voluntary subscriptions would be wonderful. But no pressure. Just do it if you can afford it.

In the new issues, you will see the addition of "Letters to the Editor". We leave most of these as is. Some that require a response are listed with the response. I hope you enjoy reading these comments. I know I do.

I've received some very positive response on the "Guru-Shishya" Indian music teacher's database. The listings are coming in, although a bit slower than expected. I'm sure that eventually this database will become an invaluable resource to the music community. I urge you to spread the word so we may collect all the educators under this one roof.

I have also received a number of CDs for reviews. The material spans classical to world fusion musics. I plan on starting a segment to cater to this. The reviews will be targeted toward learning through the music. I invite reviewers with analytic interested to take up this task and help me with the load. If interested, email me at info [at] batish.com

Musically yours,

Ashwin Batish
Managing Editor


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