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Welcome to the World beat page. This word has been floating around for a few years and right now it is hot! The reason? It provides a fresh global "all for one" viewpoint of the music world. This is very healthy because it breaks the strangle hold and cross cultural taboos that have become a driving force of the few that want to control what we hear.

I want this column to address this concept of the globe shrinking; how the performing arts are being affected by this change; and how these art forms are reacting to this change. But more than this, let's learn what these artists are all about musically. Their training, their background, their teachers. Let's take an educational approach to decifer the best compositions and creative colaborations. This cross-cultural interaction is not new by any means. It has always been a driving force in the arts. Music practice and theory would not be so advanced if this "borrowing" or "sharing" was not a trait of the human race.

After having said all that, I'd like to appeal for some HELP! I cannot keep this going alone. We need you to participate by sending articles on Worldbeat artists and their recordings. They can be from any culture in the world. But they should have a fresh exciting sound. If this interests you than please fax or email (info [at] batish.com) copies of such articles.

Finally, I want you to support RagaNet. Introduce it to your friends. But most of all, use it as a learning tool to further your knowledge of this little oasis we call Earth and this ultimate form of human expression we call the "Performing arts".

Ashwin Batish
Managing Editor


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